3 Ways a Keystroke Logger Keeps Computer Users Safe

Due to the importance of computers and online communication in business and our daily lives, the need to keep information, computers, and users safe has been brought into the spotlight. Thankfully, there are many options available for computer monitoring software that helps protect computing resources. One of the most effective tools is the keystroke logger, which captures everything that is typed into a computer.

The keystrokes per hour logger is effective at keeping computers and their users safe in three ways. It enables easy and effective employee management, keeps children and teens safe, and helps to protect against online threats and thieves. Let’s take an in-depth look at how computer monitoring software is used in these three areas.

Some people might think that using computer monitoring software at work sounds suspicious. However, computers and internet access are assets for a company, just like any other piece of equipment or even money in the bank. Every company should be protecting their assets and it is not considered suspicious to reconcile charges at the end of the month. Either way, most employees will never create a problem, but keeping computing resources and sensitive information protected is essential.

A keystroke logger enables an employer to see where their computers’ resources are being used. Ensuring that employees are making productive use of company resources and their time has a tangible impact on the bottom line. Computer monitoring software makes it easy to track what websites are being accessed, what files are being transferred, and will also track which programs and documents are open.

Not every threat to company resources comes from a willful act by an employee. It is not unheard of a competitor attempting to gain an advantage by manipulating an employee into revealing trade secrets or other sensitive information. Sometimes these attacks are even more deliberate with an attempt to get a user to download a virus or other program that could compromise a company’s network. Having a keystroke logger that can monitor email correspondence and instant messages gives employees an additional layer of protection against threats.

A keystroke logger is also instrumental in keeping children and teens safe online. This type of computer monitoring software enables parents to easily see, at a glance, where their children are going online. In addition, a keystroke logger also captures everything they do on Facebook, MySpace, and every other social networking site. It also allows a parent to see what their children are searching for online and if they are accessing inappropriate content. They also monitor if a child is visiting websites that might contain harmful viruses and any other programs they might be downloading or using.

Sometimes children online can divulge sensitive information to both strangers and friends without understanding what they are doing. A keystroke logger also records all of their emails and instant messenger conversations and provides parents the opportunity to have a discussion of what is appropriate to share while talking or surfing online.

Any computer that is hooked up to the internet can be a potential security liability. Since most people shop and bank online, their financial information is stored on the computer. If a thief can get a hold of the information, they can utilize it to steal money and even a person’s total identity. Not all of these threats are easy to notice, but computer monitoring software will catch them.

A keystroke logger will capture all of the website visits and conversations that every family member has online. Identity thieves will sometimes try to trick us into revealing information through emails and instant messengers or will sometimes go even further by trying to get us to download viruses too. All of this, from emails to file and program activity, can be captured and trigger a red flag through computer monitoring software.

These threats also include people who might try to harm children. While it is not pleasant to think about, there are predators that lurk online. Having an honest conversation with our children is the first step in preventing anything from happening, but a keystroke logger will provide 24/7 surveillance against even the most insidious threats.

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