Deck Care & Maintenance – How to Protect Your Investment

The Deck repair southern illinois is the favorite part of the house for many people where they can relax out of doors. It is usually in the form of a flat platform found next to house, without a roof and is great for reasons like entertaining friends and cooking.

However, it is not enough to create a deck in a house; it is important to maintain it well for it to live up to its expectations. The best person to approach for tips on deck care and maintenance would be your paint and decorating store, remodelers, contractors and in general, the Internet and home decor magazines.

The first thing to remember before applying a finish to the deck is to create adequate surface protection by cleaning the deck surface. This means you have to ensure that the deck surface is free of oil, dust, dirt, grease and loose wood particles.

Chlorine can lead to premature failure of its coating

All this can be removed with the help of a hose; but it is generally better to do so with a wood cleaner and brightener for better effects. However if you have to remove mold, algae or mildew from the deck, you have to use products specially meant for it.

Though chlorine bleach removes mold, algae and mildew, it can also lead to premature failure of the coating; this is why it is better to use non-chlorine bleach cleaner.

Ensure that the deck is rid of mill glaze as if this is not broken; the coating you apply only fails prematurely. This mill glaze can be eliminated using the help of a mechanical abrasion or with a product meant for it.

Read instructions before using the product

There are many products for coating your deck, which you have to choose depending on various factors like the amount of protection you need and how much of wood grain you want to see. If staining the deck, do it in proper weather conditions.

Don’t apply too much of the product lest a surface film starts forming. Keep wet edges to avoid ugly lap marks; however ensure that there is no possibility of rain for 24 hours before applying it.

Whatever product you choose for your deck maintenance, make sure you use it after going through the instructions found on the label and product literature. If you have any doubt about using the products, you just have to get your doubts cleared from the store you had bought the product from. You could also contact the manufacturer’s toll free number which is usually found on the can.

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