Features and Benefits of FTP Hosting for Architects

An FTP hosting service is the right solution for top residential architects in Miami who are having a hard time transferring and sharing their files to their business partners and clients. While some may wonder the need for an FTP hosting service when you can upload and download files through email, there is really a big difference between the two. Architects use programs and different types of software like AutoCAD to draft their blueprints and layouts. When these files are saved, its size is usually large and sending it through email may not be possible because of its size. With FTP hosting, you can do file storage and sharing without having to worry about your file size.

Here are some of the features and benefits of an FTP hosting service for architects that will surely make it advantageous for any architect looking to share his files conveniently and securely:

Share and upload files – regardless of the type and size of the files that you want to upload and share, you can always do so. Blueprints, layouts, and architectural designs for a particular client, project presentations, and important documents can all be shared to your clients. Large files can easily be uploaded and downloaded without any problem, unlike in email where there is a limit to the file size you can send. You can even zip the files you need to share so that you save more space. Plus, FTP hosting services usually have a feature that allows you to split your files into several parts to make the file transfer even faster.

Secure means of sharing data – with the sophisticated tools used by hackers, sending sensitive and confidential information and documents through email can sometimes pose a lot of security issues. As well, it may be just as easy to infect an email with a virus, and this could cause a lot of trouble for architects who have painstakingly put in a lot of effort and time in their blueprints, layouts, and architectural designs. With the FTP hosting services, you are assured that no third party or unauthorized person can ever access the files you have shared to your clients and/or business partners.

Enable file storage – Aside from the fact that you can share large files in a secure medium when using an FTP hosting service, you can also store files in the FTP site. The longevity of your files’ storage period will depend on the length of the time you have subscribed to the FTP provider, or alternatively, the files will remain in the site unless an authorized user deletes it.

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