Natural Stump Removal – How to Do It Without Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed from an area, an unsightly eyesore known as a tree wollongong stump removal is left as a haunting reminder of the terrible deed. A natural method of tree stump removal is a great choice to appease the tree spirits in contrast to traditional stump grinding or manual removal. Nature’s method of recycling is known as decomposition. Decomposition, also known as rotting or decaying, is easy, simple (for humans), and healthy for the environment.

Choosing natural decomposition allows nature to do all of the work, but it takes time for the stump to rot away completely. Fortunately, there are many things to do in the meantime. The stump can be incorporated it into the lawn decoration. It can be carved into a comfortable chair. It can be used as a flower-pot stand. For those with extra creative juice, a rotting stump is the perfect medium for creating a sculpture of your annoying neighbor. If working a stump into landscape design is not an ideal option, there are ways to enhance the natural stump removal process.

Decomposition happens at varying rates depending on the size, type of tree, weather, the amount of other decaying things in the area, and other factors. Fungi and bacteria will slowly decompose things on their own, but they can be sped up.

There are two simple ways to increase the rate of decomposition.

  1. Increase the surface area of the stump. This can be accomplished by drilling holes into the top and sides of the stump. Increasing the surface area provides more space for bacteria and fungi to grow and in turn increases the amount of bacteria and fungi that are consuming food. Think of this as adding more chairs around a table during dinner. More chairs allow more people to eat the food. More people will eat the meal faster.
  2. Feed the workers. Put high energy food like compost and manure in and around the stump. Adding this rich food provides quick energy for bacteria and fungi and helps them grow rapidly throughout the woody matter. Think of this as having an appetizer before dinner. Appetizers can be eaten quickly and get people’s appetites going. Once the appetizers run out, the main course is consumed, often voraciously.

For those looking to get a bit more out of a rotting landscape, growing edible mushrooms is a possibility. Edible mushrooms occasionally grow out of pure luck, but a few things that can increase your chances of getting a gourmet treat.

  1. The correct food. Certain types of wood are great for growing mushrooms. If the stump is oak or beech, the two best types of wood for growing mushrooms, the odds increase dramatically.
  2. The correct conditions. Climate effects mushroom growth. Specific mushroom species grow better in specific areas at specific times. For specific types of mushrooms, good location and timing are required.
  3. The correct beginning. Mushrooms don’t appear from nothing. They need something to grow from. The easiest way to make sure mushrooms variety get to a stump is to buy plug spawn, which can be purchased online. These plugs are inserted into drilled holes and act as seeds for mushroom growth.

Note: It is important to remember that not all mushrooms are edible and some are extremely poisonous.

If time is not an issue, natural decomposition is an effective, environmentally friendly, and potentially tasty method of stump removal beyond typical stump grinding.

Jeremiah has spent years working outside building, destroying, cleaning, organizing and improving his yards and his life. He became fascinated with tools and machinery at an early age and has spent hours and hours getting his hands dirty with the use of these tools on landscapes around his community. Read more about stump grinding and other effective ways to remove stumps here:

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