The 5 Things You Must Know Before Trying to Sell Your House

If you are deciding to Buy my house for cash, here are 5 things that you Must Know before putting it on the market:

1) It better be showroom clean!!!
I’m talking clean enough to eat off the floor. Consider paying someone to help with this, because every inch down to the smallest detail should be clean. Also, de-personalize it! Put your pictures away and clear out all your stuff, no one wants to see all that junk!

2) Fix what is broke!
I do not recommend making high $ improvements… but I do recommend fixing all the ‘small stuff’. Light fixtures, door knobs, holes in walls, paint chips, electric outlets, cabinet doors and hinges, light bulbs, etc… Go through the house and fix this stuff, it makes a difference.

3) The Price is Right, come on down!
A big mistake I see are homes that are priced way too high on the front end. Ask yourself, is there something super special about my house compared to all the others? Now do a comparable analysis on what else is currently for sale. This is your competition. Most people will pursue the houses that are a ‘better deal’. It is very possible that buyers can skip over your house just because it is priced too high, and you’ve just missed that opportunity! You need to be the best deal in the area, the biggest ‘bang for you buck’.

4) Curb appeal.
Yes, curb appeal. A highly attractive, welcoming entrance can make the difference in the selling of your house. This is where it is okay to spend a few dollars. From the street to the front door, it needs to look and feel great. Make sure your landscaping is groomed and feels “new” and fresh.

5) Market, market, market!
If you have done the first 4 items properly, this one is the one that will Sell your House Fast. We suggest using 5 sources of marketing simultaneously to achieve maximum results. I unfortunately do not see this done properly. An example of our marketing plan for one of our houses is: MLS, V-Flyers, Craigslist EVERYDAY, 20-30 signs every weekend in the neighborhood, a 24-hour pre-recorded informational message line, photographs by a professional photographer, a video tour submitted on You tube and other sites, Social media updates on all the major panels, and network marketing using word of mouth and leveraging sales reps.

If you are using a Realtor, I suggest finding the top 5 in your area, and interviewing all of them by asking them to show you their marketing plan. **The one that gives you the highest List Price is NOT always the best choice.

I hope this helps! Prepping a house can be hard work, but when done properly, it can payoff big time. If you want a premium price for your home, you better do these things properly to compete with other houses. Put the effort into it, and then be patient.

If you just want to sell your house fast, and willing to give a discount, you can always find a company like mine that purchases as-is for cash. Just Google it.;)

If you are in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, including Conway and Fayetteville, our company, Arkansas Community Home Buyers, purchases property from sellers who need to sell fast and do not want to take the time to prep their homes for optimal marketability.

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