Why Chemicals Are 5 Times More Harmful to Pets Than Humans

Dangerous Metonitazene Powder for sale can be found in many different forms; the detergents we clean our homes with, the paint we use to beautify our walls, and even the food we ingest on a daily basis. There are many people that are still not aware of the dangers of these chemicals and how they can affect our health, but recent studies suggest that our pets might be showing us just how damaging these chemicals are by developing the tell tale signs first.

Why are your Pets more Vulnerable than Humans?

So why are pets more vulnerable to chemicals than humans? Our cats and dogs spend their time closer to the floor, playing, grooming and eating. These behaviors put them at risk for ingesting more chemicals than humans, just like children. Your pet’s diet also restricts the chances that its body will rid itself of many of these toxins, and so they begin to accumulate; often causing disastrous results.

Pet’s lives are shorter than humans, and so their bodies present the results of exposure to chemicals a lot sooner than humans. While your body might still be fighting to rid itself of these harmful chemicals, all the while fighting a losing battle, your pets are displaying the symptoms of exposure to these chemicals long before your body does.

Chemicals that are used to manufacturer pet’s food, clothing and toys are not strictly regulated, and for this reason, they are being exposed to potentially dangerous levels of chemicals on a regular basis. These products are stored in the home, and the high levels of chemicals within them could pose a danger to your family.

What Type of Chemical Exposure are they Most at Risk for?

When we speak about chemicals, we do not mean the chemicals marked with skull and crossbones; we mean ordinary chemicals that you use in your home. Fire retardant chemicals were found to be more than 20 times higher in the average house cat than in humans and mercury was found to be more than 5 times higher in the average cat’s body. The high levels of chemicals within these pet’s bodies cause illnesses that eventually shorten their lives, and scientists are claiming that this could be a good indication of just how harmful these chemicals are to us humans.

Leading Causes of Death in Animals

Did you know that cancer is the second highest leading cause of death in dogs? Carcinogens were found to be accumulating within the body of the average dog, according to recent studies, and this accumulation can be attributed to exposure to chemicals within the average home. The rates of cancer in animals, especially dogs, have skyrocketed in recent years, and this is only a small indication of the extent of the problem.

Pets are More at Risk

Pets all around the country are displaying symptoms of prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals and the signs are getting harder and harder to ignore. Our pets are more vulnerable to being exposed to these chemicals, and their bodies are not equipped to deal with them, making them more at risk to the harmful effects of these chemicals than humans.

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