5 Features That Make Microsoft Office 2010 a Must-Have

Microsoft has already made its official release on May 12th, 2010 of the newest version of Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft has added a lot of new features that will change the way you create and manage your documents and media presentations. This article is going to cover the top 5 features of the new Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise.

1. Word

Photos. In Microsoft Office 2010 Word you have a lot more capabilities. You can edit the photos right in your Word document, applying color changes, editing the photo background such as removing objects that you don’t want and saving it as a new image. Also, there is more flexibility on word art. There are also changes with the Search feature, a paste preview option. There are a wide range of options with text effects. You can change regular text into word art with text box feature.

2. Excel

Graphs. In Microsoft Office 2010 Excel the biggest change it the ability to have a graph in an individual cell, known as the Sparklines feature, as opposed to the charts in Microsoft 2007 version. Make your spread sheets easier to follow and more precise with this feature as well as others like PivotTable to filter and segment data in multiple layers using Slicers to analyze more efficiently and spend less time with the formatting.

3. PowerPoint

Videos. In Microsoft Office 2010 the PowerPoint program now allows video media in your presentation with options to edit, set poster frames, and changing of contrast, color and others. Microsoft introduced a brand new feature called Broadcast Slide Show which is a service that allows you to share your presentation with others via the web and the other viewers needn’t have PowerPoint to view!

4. OneNote

Digital Notebook. With Microsoft Office 2010 OneNote feature you can organize, track, and share text, picture, audio, and video notes. You also have more control over notes with other new features such as auto highlighting, Linked Notes and version tracking.

5. Microsoft Office Backstage

New file menu. Microsoft introduced this new feature and this new more view replaces the traditional File menu by providing one common area for your management of files, such as share, print, save and publish. The addition of the enhanced Ribbon on all Office 2010 applications allows quick and easy access to file commands and also makes it simple to customize tabs so you can have your own unique workspace that is conducive to your style of work.

Microsoft Office 2010 is packed with tons of other features that will enhance your documents, spread sheets and presentations. So if you are working with a lower version of Microsoft Office you will want to upgrade to 2010 because there are too many new and awesome features you will be missing out on if you don’t.

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