5 Free Online Poker Tools to Improve Your Results Now!

The purpose of my “How to Win a ptbola Tournament” blog continues to try to help you improve your results. I want you to do better and win poker tournaments. But, if you want to improve your poker results, you need to do more than just play the game. You need to spend more time studying and thinking about your game.

To date, I believe I have written over 200 articles and posts about tournament poker strategy. I think there is more that I can learn, and as I uncover more information I will pass it along in my blog.

5 Free Online Poker Tools

Here are five of the top online poker tools that are totally free and can help you improve your poker game now.

1. Cardplayer.com

This site has an excellent archive of free articles on poker strategy from a range of pros and poker authors. They recently updated their site so you can review strategy articles by author, concept and type of game.

In addition, they have a poker odds calculator so you can know for sure how big a favorite you were when you took that bad beat…again.

2. ProPokertools.com

When it comes to poker tools my favorite site is ProPokertools.com. This site provides hand simulations for all the most popular poker games including Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Razz.

3. Pokerlistings.com

I believe this site has been adding more and more solid poker strategy articles. I wasn’t that impressed when I checked them out over a year ago, but I’ve been impressed with the latest work.

4. Bob Ciaffone web site

Bob is the leading authority on poker rules and has a site pokercoach.us. His “Robert Rules of Poker” book is free.

The reason I have included a site of rules is because many players at brick and mortar card rooms don’t know them. An example, the “show one, show all rule.” This does not mean that if you show one hole card you have to show your other hole card. It means that if you show one player your hole cards, everyone at the table has the right to see these cards as well.

5. Free Poker IQ test

I developed a Free Poker IQ test on my Tournament Poker web site (see link below). The key to this test is to help you find holes in your poker game. Over 1,500 poker players have taken my Poker IQ test. When you have a few minutes, please check it out. It may help you improve your game.


If there are other sites that provide excellent tournament poker tools, please let me know. I would like to share them with everyone. Thanks!

Mitchell Cogert is the author of “Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves.” It is the only reference book to reveal the plays the Pros use to win a poker tournament. These plays are based on reviewing 20 years worth of tournament poker strategies and by actual play against Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, David Pham and other top pros. The book is highly rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars on amazon.

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