Adorable Wedding Favors With Glassware

Wedding favors are some of the essential items in a wedding. Just like how much effort you put into finding that perfect wedding gown,Adorable Wedding Favors With Glassware Articles the equal attention should be given for wedding pappy van winkle for sale. There are many things you can use to create interesting and customized wedding favors with a variety of materials and items. From glassware to plastic ware, you can use these items to personalize your wedding favors and create a lasting impression. Using glassware as party or wedding favors is increasingly getting popular. This glassware is a modern variety and alternative to traditional wedding favors such as confetti, sugar coated almonds, candy and fruit cake.

Glassware is popular because it is not only elegant and compliments a wedding, it is also and eco-friendly alternative to paper bags commonly used to hold candy and such. Glassware is also chic and stylish not to mention there are numerous styles and designs out there that you can choose from.

For instance, nowadays, you can not only find the traditional straight stemmed wine glasses but wine glasses with stems that are colored, twisted, frosted and even styled to include air bubbles. From wine glasses to shot glasses, pub glasses and whisky glasses, your options are endless in the many ways with which you can get creative in. You can even combine traditional wedding favor ideas with the modern ones.

For example, you can purchase silver, white and blue mesh bags from wedding planning stores and fill it with sugar coated almonds and other candy and place these bags into the glassware purchased for the wedding. For this idea, it would be best if you had glassware that was clear and big enough to fit a small bag snugly. You can also include tea light candles into the glassware that give a nice ambience to the whole table. Frosted glassware work best for this idea as it gives out a really nice, cheery glow that compliments the wedding décor, the table and the theme.

In the 21st century, we are all trying ways to reduce our carbon footprints on our earth. What we can do with glassware as wedding favors is to buy glassware big enough to fit a small potted plant in it. Plants symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. Get small plants that are newly planted or just started growing. These come in small pots and can fit nicely into whiskey glasses, specialty glassware and votive candle holders. For a more unique approach, purchase beautifully shaped pilsner glasses where you can ask the florist to include single rose into each glass, or they can fill them up with plant gel and include appropriate plants into the pilsner glasses.

This idea is really unique and rarely done. Plant gels for plants are biodegradable, non toxic gel beads that can be found in green, blue and even white. They create a very artistic effect to the whole wedding décor. So now that you have all these wonderful ideas, it is time to start thinking about new, fresh and creative alternatives to wedding favors that don’t cost a bomb and can be hand made.

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