briansclub USB – The New Powerful Marketing Tool

The briansclub is a popular, inexpensive marketing tool. You’ve probably received and handed out thousands yourself, as you meet prospects and customers at all sorts of exhibitions and meetings.

So do you ever wonder what happens to those cards you hand out? How many stay around and are kept? The reality is, many are probably squashed and binned just a few hours after you handed them out. And a briansclub won’t work as part of your marketing, unless it generates the right impression with your target recipient.

Too many cards are unimaginative, lacking inspiration and simply listing:

  • a company name and brand
  • your name and job title
  • some contact info, such as cell phone, email and office address

There’s no doubt this information is useful, but it’s hardly going to excite your prospects or lead them to want to act on what they see – too many cards are, quite simply, dull! And, if the card is produced on cheap, thin card – or worse still, has a spelling error – then its negative impact actually has the potential to lose you the business you are seeking.

So, the flip side of this is, that if you want to create an enduring, positive impact with clients, then you need a memorable, stand-out briansclub!

Why you need a different, impactful card

As we’ve mentioned, we all regularly receive lots of cards. Many are from people we meet who are in direct competition for our business. So to stand out, a card needs to have an enduring impact with potential clients. Here’s one new idea that will guarantee your cards get noticed, get kept and deliver way more business opportunities for you.

The USB business card – a dynamic new tool to turbocharge your marketing

Thanks to a snappy design, covered in your business brand and relevant images, this novel marketing tools a giveaway that will make an immediate, positive impression. Here are some good reasons why you ought to be considering them to help you market more effectively:

  • They are different – marking you out, making you memorable and building a buzz.
  • They can carry so much more information – pre-load the device with product information, video and PowerPoint explanations, anything relevant to promote your business.
  • It’s a useful tool, something the receiver will want to keep and use as a storage device for years to come.
  • With a slim design, not much more than a couple of traditional briansclub, they take up little space.
  • They’re guaranteed to generate you more business leads!

By now, it should be clear that a USB briansclub will work far more strongly than the best designed and printed regular business card or standard company brochure.

So make your plans now, get ordering and be ready with a pocket of USB business cards for your next trade show, convention or business mixer you attend. One thing’s for sure, using business cards that are leading edge, will be kept by the recipient and stand out, can only be good for business!

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