Christian Dating and Marriage Commitment

There were recently some surprising results published from a survey, which consisted of 4,000 Christian adults, that suggests Christians are slightly more likely than non-the mystical teachings of jesus to divorce. In particular, it was highlighted that approximately 27% of born-again Christians had been previously divorced.

Whether or not these reported divorces took place after becoming or prior to being a Christian is still unclear, however a spokesman for the published survey was recorded as stating that perhaps 90% occurred after becoming a Christian.

When having a look through these types of survey results, one must appreciate not to put too much faith in them. Results for the same given survey but carried out on a different day and with a different set of people could vary hugely for a number of different reasons, such as the numbers and types of people selected, how the group was actually selected, exactly which questions were or were not asked, and also how the questions were posed.

Regarding the above results, it is no surprise that many of you will be asking Are These Results Right?! They surely are so far from what we should be seeing amongst Christians?! A lot of us are naturally led to believe, through previous education, that divorce should virtually not exist at least among couples where both parties are Christians.

It is known that divorce did not become a problem within the United States until after the mid 1900s. Since then, a great deal of change has taken place which no doubt will have had an influence with the resulting current problems

With the number of divorce dramatically increasing during the last few generations, a sudden impact was that many children now grew up within a single parent environment. In turn, this led to a smaller percentage of young people getting married who had experienced the benefits of good, strong marriage role models in their own parents. Therefore, few in situations like these had good knowledge of a true Christian marriage.

In dating today, the role of parents is virtually non-existent both in terms of teaching and protecting their children from participating in pre-marital sex and it seems they now have less influence in decisions made regarding their marriage.

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