Common Work at Home Scams

Scams are every where online. File a scam complaint Just about every where you go online you will find ads for so-called “easy and fast money” jobs. Anything that promises “easy money” or “big bucks part time” is full of it. Don’t waste your time on something that promises fast and easy money because it’s not going to happen. Let’s delve into the scams out there and then talk about resources you can use to research a company!

Typing “Jobs” – you can type in typing jobs in any major search engine and you’ll pull up many of these so-called “jobs” typing for “easy” money. Most of the time you will pay a fee, and then they will send you information about how to place ads in local papers to “sell” this so-called job to others. This simply is not a “job” and it’s nearly impossible to make a decent income with this. They post testimonials that are either made up or of successful internet marketers in order to persuade you into believing this is a great “job” for you.

Envelope Stuffing – I’m sure you’ve seen this one everywhere and might have fallen for it. I sure did. Not once, but twice! I thought, “Well the first company was just a scam but this one looks legit” and, yes, I was wrong. I got scammed by this little sucker twice! Please do not fall for this tempting “job”. What you’ll probably receive (what happened to me) for your “small fee” (which is usually how its worded) is a letter telling you to place that same “envelope-stuffing” ad in newspapers, magazines, online sites and anywhere else you can get your ad.

The only way you will earn money is to pass on this scam to other moms who desperately want to work at home. There’s no stuffing of envelopes involved. You simply pass on this scam to others and get paid by charging a fee…the same way it happened to you. Please don’t fall for this HUGE waste of time and please don’t pass this scam on to others.

Assembly/Crafting Scams- If you want to make money with assembly or crafting your best bet is to start your own business and sell your work online, locally and at fairs. The so-called jobs online for assembly or crafts are scams. Usually you will be required to buy supplies or a kit and then, after days or weeks of work, you would send in your work for payment.

What usually happens is your work supposedly didn’t meet the standards they have and they will either send it back for you to fix or they will keep it and not pay you. If you get the chance to “fix it” and send it back you’ll again be told it didn’t meet the standard. It’s a nasty on going cycle and the end result is that you’ve wasted your hard earned money on the “kit” and you’ve wasted your valuable time for nothing.

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