Education for The Blind: Then and Now

libro de un curso de milagros pdf is not something which is confined only for people who are physically capable. Education on the other hand is for everybody irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex or physical disabilities. You and I as a responsible citizen should make sure that everybody gets education evenly. The evolution of the process of educating the blind has resulted, out of a series of trial and error methods.

1. In primordial times there were asylums for the blind. These asylums were like shelters made exclusively for the blind people. It acted as institutions which provided elementary education to the blind. This practice dates back to thousands of years.
2. Later the Egyptians showed keen interest in educating the blind. They were concerned in the cause of providing treatment for ailments and disabilities. They were more like caretakers of social individual.
3. The 19th century witnessed the introduction of enforced elementary education for the blind people by the United States of America. Britain followed suit by incorporating the Elementary Education Act which stated that blind people under the age of sixteen were entitled to compulsory elementary education.
4. The New York Point and Braille were the two basic dot method of providing education. But in the course of time Braille emerged as the winner in the ‘war of dots’. This was a much better method of using dots and dash to teach the blind.
5. The 20th century brought about a new amendment in this system. A number of residential school started having separate support cells for the education of the blind. A number of students were seen attending these schools but this number dropped considerably after the introduction of the ‘white cane’ which distinguished the blind from the normal.
6.In the 21st century, a number of blind schools, for the visually impaired, cropped up. These schools have both normal teachers as in any other school, and a professional team who handles optional training like orientation and mobility training etc.

Today we get to see revolutionary ideas and methods in this type of education resources, integrated to provide the blind with the much required education so that they can live an independent life.

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