Expand Your Knowleve of Business Communication

Expanding your bestbusinesscommunity communication knowledge is an ideal way to manage up. Leaders and those in leadership positions should continually pursue avenues of educating themselves in business. You can’t be in business and not know how to effectively communicate. Communication is everything in the business world. Business communication is anything that grows, promotes or builds your business. There are two types of business communication- internal and external.


Examples of internal communications are emails that are sent out throughout the office, phone calls from one department to another, in house presentation, morning meetings, etc. Check out my articles on email etiquette, phone call etiquette and presentations for more information on these topics. Examples of external communications are: business calls to other business or customers, out house presentations, email, or correspondence to anyone outside of your office concerning business matters.


You should remember as you are building your skills as a business communicator. Don’t be negative! No one wants to be around someone who is always negative and never has anything good or positive to say. Try to stay upbeat (not hyper– just upbeat) and alert throughout your business day.


Business is not only about you it is about your entire team. When working with others you want to be able to communicate your thoughts and concerns and listen to and act on the thoughts and concerns of the other team members. You also should want to be the leader but, if you can’t be the leader on this project make sure you do all that you can to make sure your entire team looks good and you are projected in a good light. Give credit where credit is due. I’m not suggesting false modesty but, accept all accolades graciously and give credit to the other members of your team.


Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? Or are you just the opposites are you one of those people who’s afraid to open their mouths? Either way isn’t good when working in the business arena you have to find a middle haven between being a blabber mouth who can’t listen and being a church mouse who can’t speak. If talking is your thing then work on being quite sometimes. Practice your listening skills at home with your family. I’m quite sure they will be grateful. And if you are the church mouse– try speaking to others more often. This is something that you can do at home and at work. Practice speaking in front of a mirror. The key is to be comfortable being the speaker and the listener.

Overall there are many aspects of business communication and etiquette and I’ve only named a few. Commit yourself to learning something new about how to handle yourself in the work place as often as you can.

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