Eyebrow Transplantation

eyebrow tattoo Perth are an essential part of the face because they contribute to its symmetry and beauty. Natural looking brows soften the other facial features. They impact expression and personality and help people communicate their thoughts and feelings to others.

It has been said, “the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul.” That is why people look a person in the eye as they talk with one another. Maybe they will get a glimpse of their soul, or what is really on their mind. And so it is said, “the eyebrows and the eyelashes are the window dressings to the eyes.” Thus eyebrows and eyelashes gives the eye an attraction. They help give the eye beauty and enhance the face.

The current fashion dictates what eyebrow look is in or out. Actresses, models, and celebrities seem to inspire a certain look, making certain eyebrow shapes and sizes popular. Julia Roberts inspired the round, thick width, low arch eyebrow look. Jennifer Lopez inspired the soft angled, medium width, high arch look. Britney Spears inspired the soft angled, medium width, low arch brow. Cindy Crawford inspired the soft angled, thick width, low arch brow look. The inspirations go on and on.

Eyebrow transplantation can restore living and growing hair back to the eyebrow area. Using an oral sedative and local anesthesia, the procedure is comfortable, without pain, done in 3-4 hours in the office/out-patient setting. Part of this time is taken up waiting for the technician with the aid of a microscope and jeweler’s.

Forceps to dissect out the individual hair follicles preparing them for implantation. While the patient is waiting, DVD movies at times are played for the patient.Hair follicles (100-350 per brow) from the back of the scalp (donor area) are harvested and then implanted into the eyebrows in groups of 1s and sometimes 2s. Stitches are used to close the donor area, which are undetectable and must be removed in 7-10 days.

The implanted follicles (like seeds of a plant) will grow and produce hair permanently. The newly growing eyebrow hair will possess the same characteristics as scalp hair. The eyebrows will need to be routinely trimmed every 2 weeks and require brow grooming and hair training gel. – There will probably be some hairs that won’t lie flat enough or point in the wrong direction. It is recommended that makeup be kept to an absolute minimum during the immediate post-op healing period (4-5 days).

Some patients may require an additional session of eyebrow transplantation to refine or otherwise enhance their eyebrow. The transplanted eyebrow hair will typically begin to grow in 6-12 weeks, with a full cosmetic result reached in approximately ten months. It is required that the patient have transportation to and from the office so that adequate anesthesia can be given.

Many patients choose a combination of permanent makeup (tattooing) and eyebrow transplantation to achieve a more defined eyebrow appearance. Eyebrow transplantation provides a natural, three-dimensional appearance to eyebrows created with permanent makeup. Halby Hair and Eyebrow Transplant is a Family Practice in Las Vegas Nevada owned and operated by Dr Dan Halby who was certified in Family Practice by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians.

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