How to Achieve Work-Life Balance As an Entrepreneur Doctor

Work-life balance is the amount of time dr t primary care harlingen at work and the quantity of time spent engaged in non-work activities. Another aspect of work-life balance is satisfaction balance – the value of time. The concept of satisfaction can be seen in the context of time balance or satisfaction balance.

Work-life balance requires being balanced both mentally and physically. This is very critical for producing results and increased productivity. When an entrepreneur doctor is psychologically, emotionally and physically balanced, they can produce better results for both their patient and their private practices.

The lack of work-life balance can place considerable strain on entrepreneur doctors. It can affect their relationship with loved ones, reduce patient satisfaction, reduce work productivity, cause financial strain on the medical practice and create health related challenges.

Why is Burnout Common Amongst Entrepreneur Doctors?

Doctors use a considerable amount of their working time in direct contact with patients and colleagues. As entrepreneur doctors, they also spend time working on the business aspect of their practice: handling employee related issues, insurance claims and administration in addition to marketing the practice. This can sometimes be overwhelming for an individual especially if not properly planned.

Most entrepreneur doctors are really good doctors. However, when it comes to the business aspect of their practice which is their real job as an entrepreneur, they are challenged. Furthermore, because most small privately run medical practices are owned by a single individual, which the majority of the time is the doctors themselves, it is he who fulfills most of the above roles.

Being a new start-up, he might not have the resources and finance to employ staff to fulfill most of the much needed roles. He, as the doctor, will have to fulfill most of those roles for a long time hoping to bring in enough resources to later employ staff. The irony in most situations because the doctor has to fulfill all those roles, he is not left with sufficient time to raise the level of resources he needs to recruit additional staff.

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