How to Re-Purpose an Online Product

One of the problems with the learning content پمپ کفکش business is the sheer amount of work involved. Not only do you need to create information products for sale but you also have to create course work to support your coaching and continuity programs. Plus you need content for marketing and traffic generation efforts.

It’s imperative to build efficiencies into your product creation system. You need to be able to crank out products quickly and easily.

One of the main strategies to accomplish this is to repurpose online products into other learning content products. But how?

If you do it wrong you’re going to end up with a product that just doesn’t cut it. With products that work against you. If you do it right you’ll end up with one product doing the job of several. In this article I’m going to explain how to re-purpose an online product into several other products properly.

First off, let’s say that we have a teleseminar which has been recorded. Repurposing this into a CD or Audio product is relatively easy. All that’s required for a typical teleseminar is to remove the mistakes and the dead air, add an opening, add a closing, add some musical transitions and then reformat it into a CD or MP3 file. Add the packaging and you’re all set.

However, let’s say that you wanted to turn this hour and a half teleseminar into an eBook. So you send it out to be transcribed. When it comes back you’re going to be disappointed. That hour and a half of great material is only 20 pages of book. Barely a report. And it’s not that great as a report. This is an example of crossing media boundaries improperly.

So is it a complete loss? No.

First you can use it as a simple transcription of the CD. No value on its own but it will make a good bonus that may help sell the CD. Of course, it will need heavy editing to perform even that duty.

Next you can use it for a series of article marketing articles. It should break into roughly ten to twenty 250 word articles. Add a hundred word opening to each article and you’ve suddenly got twenty very acceptable articles with very little work.

You can also break it into blog entries. One such transcription may give you as many as ten different blog posts. Add fifty word openings and conclusions to each and you’ve got a month’s worth of entries. (Actually, you’ll probably want to release them as several sets of series over the year).

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