Is Your Doctor Asking You These Questions?

doctorstipsonline these days are under enormous pressure from many different things that we don’t often realize. They are under pressure based on time constraints, there’s just too much for them to do in a single day; they are under pressure from the legal industry, malpractice lawsuits just keep going up and up; and they are under pressure from the insurance industry to only do certain procedures and only prescribe certain drugs.

Within that whole mess of pressures, your doctor can quite often forget to ask you several important questions that they need to know about. When this happens you should confront your doctor or find a new doctor. Today I want to talk about several questions your doctor should be asking you whenever you go in for a checkup.

One question your doctor should ask you is whether or not you are taking any vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements. Many of these vitamins and supplements can often interact with certain drugs or can affect your symptoms to make you look like you have something that you actually don’t. Because of this your doctor should always ask you which of these you’re taking but sometimes this gets overlooked. A good practice is to write up a list of all the different supplements as well as vitamins and minerals that you’re taking before you go in for your doctor’s appointment and then simply give that list to your doctor.

This next question is going to sound a little facetious but it’s not. One major question your doctor should always ask you is whether or not you have any questions for him or her. A good doctor won’t be offended if you ask them a question or if you question their diagnosis. In the hustle and bustle of a doctor’s life and they will often forget to ask you if you have any questions but this is a very important area because you should always fully understand what’s going on during your doctor’s visit.

Another area that is less about a question and more about something that doctors should discuss with you has to deal with depression. Many doctors fail to look for signs of depression and therefore fail to ask you questions regarding depression because it can often get overlooked. It’s easy to just write it off as a lack of energy based on a vitamin deficiency or something like that when in fact it’s something more serious such as depression. If you feel that you may have depression and your doctor has not asked you about it in your normal checkup then make it a priority to ask about it yourself.

Finally the last question doctors sometimes fail to ask is how well you are sleeping. Sleep patterns can be important for diagnosing a wide range of things yet often times doctors fail to ask about it. Be sure to tell your doctor if you’re not sleeping well even if they forget to ask you about it themselves. So there you have several questions that your doctor should be asking you. If they have not asked you about them then be sure to take them up with them yourself. Remember, when it comes to your health you should be pushy!

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