Karaoke – A Good Thing or a Bad Thing In Public Venues?

This article is not for you who feel that 강남 룸싸롱– next to Pearl Harbor, is the worst thing the Japanese have ever done to America. Understandably, when subjected to a screaming, inebriated, off-key singer while trying to have a nice evening out in a quaint little club can make you just HATE karaoke. This article is for you who love Karaoke, enjoy singing, or at least enjoy listening to a good singer. Unfortunately there are plenty of people that enjoy singing and have no compunction in sharing their so-called talent with others, when in reality what they should be doing is following the age old adage of “better is it to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I have had a Karaoke Store for years and you can’t imagine how many times people come into the store, sing a horrendous version of their favorite song and then ask me for a review. Now remember, I’m running a karaoke store and I am not a judge on American Idol, so I have a goal of making a sale. With that goal in my mind I’m thinking of several possible outcomes. I could tell them the truth and lose a possible sale or I could lie and sell them the song that they just butchered.

Well from now on I going to do my share of making the world a better place; I’m going to tactfully suggest a different song. Now I can only do so much; if the shopper is insistent in buying his or her song then I’m going to sell it to them. The solution obviously is to pick the right song for your vocal range (just because you like a song doesn’t make it the right song for you) and of course to practice, practice, practice. Finding a wide selection of karaoke songs can be challenging but not impossible. There are some websites that offer a huge selection of karaoke songs. I know of one personally that has a selection of nearly 300,000 songs! Wherever you go to find your music, whether on the internet or in a store, practice the song ahead of time, before purchasing it. You could be surprised to find that the song is just not in your range and does not suit you vocally. If you’re not sure, sing the song in front of a friend. That part may seem strange, but if you’re singing to another karaoke enthusiast or someone that supports your singing adventures, it will not feel out of place.

Of course, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can actually take your talent to a local Karaoke Store, if you have one in the area and talk to a living breathing, thinking, and hopefully honest person who will help you choose the right song for your vocal range and not lie about your abilities. So stop being a reason that ‘the hatred against karaoke’ continues. When you go out and find yourself in that quaint little club, you may become inebriated but the screaming, off-key singer will disappear with practice, practice, practice and choosing the right song. So get your own karaoke machine and your favorite karaoke songs and make the world a better place.

I have been selling Karaoke Products for over 20 years so I think I may have learned a thing or two about the industry. When I started selling Karaoke Products most people did not know what karaoke was, there was no Karaoke Section in the Yellow Pages, the internet did not exist, and a loaf of bread sold for 5 cents. (Okay, I’m getting carried away here – bread sold for a little more but wasn’t sliced yet). Back then the most popular format for karaoke was Laser Disc. A typical Karaoke Laser Disc had around 28 songs and sold for $150.00 or more. (You can see why Laser Disc Karaoke went the way of the Edsel) Now

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