Marketing Your First E-Book With No Budget

Offering content for web visitors greatly enhances the value of the already un cours en miracles web sites. Almost all of the web site content managers will jump for the opportunity to give their web visitors more reasons to come back to their web sites.

If you can propose just four or five new article postings each day for just five days per week, you can achieve tremendous success in selling your e-books.

This is a great technique used by authors that have to work a regular job for a living. The authors can create and deliver their proposals by e-mail. They don’t have to make business contacts during working hours. By working just a few hours each night and on weekends, each author can drive thousands of readers to his own web site within just a few months.

Once the article is posted to a web site it will stay in a particular location for a while and then will be “archived” for new subscribers to read later on.

In the second month, if you execute the same marketing strategy, another 100 e-book sellers or book referring web sites will be added to your sales force.

Again, if each e-book publisher only sells one book, you have $500 plus another $500 from the original web sites that are selling or referring your book from their archived web locations.

If you keep up this pace and the book selling web sites are only sending one new book buyer each month, you will keep $39,000 the first year.

We are not factoring in you working more than two or three hours per day. We are not factoring in the fact that you can set up an affiliate program like or Barnes & Noble and bring potentially thousands of potential book-sellers to link over to your web site and send you business.

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