Miracles Happen When You Believe

We all have a calling. We can commit to a path of doubt, fear and uncertainty. It is never about if we believe in ourselves, it is a matter of when we will. To manifest anything you must have a belief in that dream or acim twitter.

You may be on that search for what you truly want to do in life. It may be that you don’t know right now but there are clues in your personal history, dreams or visions.

Usually no one looks for a miracle and that is sad. You see if you don’t believe in miracles they just won’t happen for you. Your maker is set to grant you everything your heart desires, but you must believe that it is possible for you.

Discipline is necessary for the miracles to happen. Using affirmations will only work if you believe. We all know the daily challenges we face and can be very tough. You can not approach your miracle with a someday it will happen. You must take the first step in faith and believe that it will.

“It is not if you believe it is only when you believe,” you have to convert to belief before taking any action. Interesting word convert. This word conger’s up the idea of moving from one side of spectrum to another. Your job in the performing of miracles is to convert from the “if” I believe to the affirmative “I” believe.

You must stand in faith, without this resolve you will waiver from your miracle. Faith is the unseen belief in things not yet come to past it is also the first step in manifestation.

Miracles happen due to strong faith and sowing seeds that are sown with strong faith. You wouldn’t invest in a particular stock (sowing seed) and then think that it is doubtful that anything will happen (lack of faith). Who would do something like that?

I know that many people would say “well you don’t know the troubles I have” or “I just received a bad medical report.” How about the person who has had real financial challenges and simply doesn’t see a way out?

These internal battles are simply distractions to keep us delayed from our miracles. You can not control what others are doing or not doing, but you can control yourself. You may feel that your life is like a drought. The power to change that situation lies not in what others do; it lies in what you believe.

The process of life in any given area will always go through its natural progression. If your life is like a drought, then the only thing to do is to prepare for rain. Droughts may last a time but if you do not prepare for rain then the droughts will continue.

The stronger your faith the quicker the “if” of your miracle will change to a simple “When.” To bring that miracle to your life and to others you must live in victory. You may not feel that you are in victory but you must place those victorious thoughts in your mind to change your direction.

The paradigm is within your thinking. If you have been a habitual negative thinker it may take some time to change that. I know you want evidence that this will work. The first thing I submit to you is that you’re reading this article. The next thing is to look at what you have accomplished large or small.

These things you may feel where never planned for. But, in order for anything to happen in life you must have thought it or felt it on some level that it was possible for you. Think about your first boyfriend or girlfriend. You feared to ask them out or feared to accept that offer for a date.

No two people get together because they hate each other. They resonated on some level so that it was right at the time when they went out on their first date. If one didn’t believe that it was possible for them to go out on that first date, they would not have asked. Just asking suggests that there was a belief that the date would happen.

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