Prefabricated Garages Save You Time and Money and Reduce Clutter

A new home for your car or somewhere to store the junk overflowing the house can be delivered to customer’s exacting specifications virtually anywhere in the UK within just a few weeks from order thanks to the UK’s concrete Epoxy Garage Floor okc industry.

The choice of sizes is breathtaking with concrete garages (also known as prefab garages) ranging from the size of a phone box up to a small industrial unit. With the components of these garages being made off site, it is important that the size ordered is the size you will need in the future as it’s far more economical to order larger garages at the outset than to amend existing garages in years to come.

There is also a choice of shapes – flat roofed concrete garages are the cheapest and feature a gentle slope to remove rainwater; the A shaped apex roofed garages provide a feeling of extra space and ensure rainwater falls off to each side, whereas the even more pointy Banbury style roof prefab garages feature a 25 degree pitch for a more traditional appearance.

Style is always important and prefab garages address that with a choice of finishes designed to look great next to all property types. The spar (pebble dashed) finish is the most popular finish on prefabricated garages as its subtle blend of colours matches many environments. Garages in brick and rock finishes are proving increasingly popular thanks to the launch in early 2008 of red brick and buff brick finish garages that cost little more than their spar equivalents.

A range of finishing touches enable those considering prefabricated concrete garages to personalise until their heart is content. Garage doors are available in various designs and finishes and are important as they often make up the most visible parts of such garages. Side access or personnel doors, roofs, windows and fascias are all available in a choice of different materials designs and colours. Security and maintenance free options are always an important consideration and as you would expect there are plenty available with these garages.

It’s no wonder that very few prefabricated garages are the same.

One of the main reasons to choose these garages is that they are “prefabricated garages”. With all components built in factories off-site, prefabricated garages are typically delivered and installed on the same day – avoiding all the potential delays associated with traditional build. Once the garages are ordered, there is little inconvenience to the home owner. There isn’t even the need to take time off work as the trained delivery & installation teams will ensure your garage is built exactly as specified on the original order.

Prefabricated garages continue to provide fantastic value to many. On display at hundreds of display sites throughout the UK, customers can see the types of prefabricated garages there are to choose from. Local garage specialists ensure that the building ordered meets the customers requirements before passing it through to the manufacturer who will arrange the manufacture, delivery & installation and usually give all prefabricated garages a 10-year guarantee.

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