Ten Steps Towards Kiss-Worthy Lips

A lot has been mentioned in poetry about soft and supple lip blushing perth. Who ever talks about dry and chapped lips? Face it. Not many. Smooth and luscious lips may blend well will your face giving your face a naturally beautiful look. But dry and chapped lips make the observer’s gaze take a nosedive towards all its cracks and ugliness.

Getting kissable lips is fairly easy, if you are willing to put just an iota of effort into it. Lips get dry, dark and chapped because of two main reasons; the total absence of sebaceous or oil glands in lips, and less thickness of cell layers on lips. Keep that in mind, and direct your efforts to the two main aspects of keeping lips moist and supple. First and foremost is to keep your lips internally hydrated and nourished. Secondly, keep lips clean and moisturized from without.

Drink up at least four to eight glasses of water daily. That’s right. Guzzle, guzzle, and then guzzle some more. Water is the body’s natural elixir and keeps all the tissues hydrated and supple. Do not drink them all at a go; break them down as small sips throughout the day.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Red and yellow colored fruits and veggies go a long way toward producing a natural color to your lips. Vitamin A in these fruits is necessary to maintain the health of your lips (and your body in general).

Do not eliminate fat from your diet entirely. Agreed, in the quest of losing weight, the desire to eliminate fat entirely from the diet may be tempting. But apart from making your lips dull, this will also result in dry lifeless hair and skin.

Whatever you do, do not lick your lips. This is the first instinct to moisturize dry lips, but it only results in accelerating the desiccation. Do not bite lips or remove the dry skin with your lips. This will not only increase the problem, but cause unsightly bleeding points on your lips. Every night before going to bed, apply a thin layer of clarified butter or milk cream. You will wake up with amazingly soft lips, never mind how dry they were the night before.

Every morning buff your lips with a soft napkin slightly moistened with water. This helps to remove the dead skin in a gentle manner, and allow the new layer of skin cells to shine through. Be very gentle though, you don’t want to scrub your lips raw. A lip pack made of crushed rose petals in honey or curd is a good recipe to moisturize dry lips. Keep it on for ten minutes and wash off with cold water.

Once in every few days, use a natural scrub made of sugar in honey to scrub your lips. This will take care of the dead cells, and the dryness in one go. Apply a thin coat of a good quality lip balm. Whenever you feel the dryness return, just re-apply the coat. Always use only high quality products on your lips, be it lip color or lip gloss. Low quality products will cause damage to your lips in the long run. Remove all traces of make-up before going to bed. Use a good make up remover to cleanse your lips squeaky clean and apply butter, or milk cream before going to bed.

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