7 Signs You Might Have an Addiction to Cocaine

buy cocaine online is not selective as it affects people from all walks of life regardless of their age, economic status, ethnicity, gender, and religion. Its popularity is derived from the quick high that a person attains when they inject or snort it. Unfortunately for the recreational user, the high doesn’t last that long and leaves the user craving for more once their tolerance builds up and they become addicted to or dependent upon the drug.If you suspect that a family member or loved one has a cocaine problem but you are unsure what to look for, here is a list of cocaine side effects to look for to confirm your suspicions:

  1. Nosebleeds become a common thing – snorting the drug dries out the nostrils and the sinus cavities while at the same time destroying the delicate membranes inside the person’s nose. When this happens, nosebleeds become common and the person begins to have a continually runny or stuffy nose.
  2. The individual crashes once the high wears off – after prolonged binges, one of the more common cocaine side effects is that the individual runs out of energy and sleeps for excessively long periods, sometimes for days at a time.
  3. Financial problems develop – cocaine abuse or addiction is not cheap. It is one of the more expensive drugs on the street and individuals have been known to run out of money and even blow through their life savings in order to feed their habit. When the persons starts borrowing money or selling off their possessions, this is definitely a warning sign that they are addicted to cocaine.
  4. Cocaine takes control of the individual’s life – they will lose interest in their closest friends and start performing poorly on the job or in school. Everything activity and responsibility that was once important to them has taken a back seat to cocaine and maintaining a steady supply of it. They may flunk out of school, lose their jobs, but most importantly, they will hurt the ones they love.
  5. The abuser or addict will run with a different group of peers – as old friends are tossed to the wayside, they will start hanging out with individuals who are abusing cocaine or are addicted to the drug. This new group of friends act in co-dependent ways, never condemning their fellow abusers or addicts.
  6. Panic attacks and paranoia sets in – as the addiction or dependence upon cocaine progresses and becomes more severe, changes in the brain and its functions occur. Different psychological symptoms such as thinking that people are out to get them or that the walls are closing in around them start occurring with regularity. The person may also start suffering with chest pains and heavy sweating.
  7. Individuals who are under the influence of cocaine tend to talk rapidly – this is primarily due to the euphoric “rush” that people experience when they are using cocaine. When cocaine side effects kick in, one of them is referred to as a manic energy episode where they experience periods of grandiose thought and talk extremely fast.

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