The Pros and Cons of Using a Professional Architect

The amazing structures that are shown on residential architects in Fort Lauderdale television and in magazines will always be designed by an architect and it would be fantastic if we could all afford to employ these people, but often this is just a pipe dream and is unrealistic for most people. So what options are available for a modest property development project?

One option is to take advantage of the huge number of stock building plans available for public use. There are numerous shapes and sizes and it is possible that you could find one to suit your desires. However, be warned, the architect who designed these plans is a faceless person who you will never meet and will not know your tastes, project requirements, location, climate, etc. so it can be difficult to find a stock plan that 100% suits your needs.

Building designers are often much lower cost than architects due to having limited architectural education, compared to licensed architects. However, many building designers specialise in the design of new home builds and therefore could be perfect for your requirements, and may fit into your budget. One problem with using a building designer is they may have limited experience in designing unique structures and would prefer to stick with traditional building layouts.

So, we’ve covered the budget options, but what if you decide to go ahead and use a licensed architect? What benefits will you receive? Licensed architects have been through an extensive educational programme covering many aspects of building planning, design and engineering. They tend to have the ability to solve design problems and find solutions for special requirements.

Many architects will also manage the whole project from start to finish including the design drawings, sourcing the materials and even managing the building team on site. So, while an architect may initially appear to be costing you more, they will make sure you do not lose money unnecessarily, which could save you money in the long run.

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