The Miracle of the “pH Miracle” – Alkaline Your Body

For all those looking to gain a new lease on life the answer lies in a 320-page book published by Warner books and written by Robert O Young titled ‘The pH acim podcast‘.

The book’s opening lines say it all, ‘a new day is dawning’. Even though the book follows the yesteryears pattern and does no subscribe to crash diets, one can relate to the logic of the book even today. The culprit of most problems is said to be Candida and keeping the pH balance of the body can do the balancing out of this. pH miracle deals with concentrating only on maintaining a pH level of 7.4 in your body. This natural pH level increases your life span as well as safeguards against diseases. Robert O young in his book the pH Miracle gives plenty of recipes as well as suggests various supplements to be consumed in order to maintain this pH balance. The primary focus of the book, pH miracle is maintaining a healthy pH balance and to do that various vegetable and fruit recipes have been laid down.

pH Miracle: balance your diet reclaim your health is just what the author offers. Within weeks of following the diet plan laid down by Young you will find that your energy levels have shot up and you feel energized and lively through the day. Another benefit of the pH miracle is that it builds up your immune system and so automatically you lead a healthy life. Weight loss seems to be incidental to the entire programme. The pH miracle seems to be just the need of the day. Most people who suffer from an acidic pH find that they deplete their energy leaves really fast and have a tired look and feel left with them. Following the 50 odd recipes that Young talks of in his book can lead to an energized way of life.

Those who have taken on the pH miracle diet swear by the results. Mike Kokalari of USA says he feels great. He has tons of energy, don’t suffer jet lag and has not fallen sick in a long time. Mike is not an isolated case there are other like him who have followed the book and are surprised by the results it yields in a short time too. One of the most significant and noticeable changes after following the diet is the extra energy which one feels. Joyce F from Chicago finds that the book pH miracle talks of things that other traditional diet books forgo. Not only does it talk of what our body needs but also provides ways to achieve it. Anyone who feels energetic automatically translates this energy into positive actions. On the other hand a sick body cannot feel energized at all and so fails at recouping. Maintaining a 7.4 body pH insures that the body is energized and also prevents and cures illnesses so automatically translating to a healthy and lengthy life.

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