If You Really Believed in Miracles, Here is What You Would Do – Part I

“A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us.” Maltbie Babcock (Presbyterian minister, late 19th century)

acim occur all the time; in fact, the universe exists because of the miraculous.* But most people think that in order for an event to qualify as a miracle, it needs to be dramatic, flashy, supernatural. That’s where most of us lose sight of the true and simple nature of miracles. Only the Miracle Minded can spot them on a regular basis. So, as TV chef Emeril Lagasse says, “It’s time to kick it up a notch.” Let’s get ready.

The way to make room for miracles is simple:

  • Become willing to release fear and self-pity. You won’t do it overnight; you just need a little willingness. Here’s a kicker: Self-pity of every kind is the number one block to experiencing miracles on a continuing basis. In fact, self pity is the number one block to almost everything. By getting out of your own way, you open the way for miracles.
  • Trust the universe. Listen and watch. The Miracle Minded know that there is an opportunity around every corner. It all depends on where we are placing our attention. If we are caught up in anger, unforgiveness, and yes, self-pity, we miss the obvious.
  • Open to new experiences. Time to take a bit of risk. If you’re unwilling to change, to replace the old with the new, then miracles have a hard time showing themselves. It helps to keep in mind that the universe is always in motion. Nothing remains the same. Step out of your self-imposed box and into the fray. It’s scary, it’s different. And it’s amazing.

We say we want miracles to occur in our lives. But are we willing to prepare the space for them? You now know how to open to the miracles that are within your grasp in every moment. They’re yours for the taking if you’re prepared to see them and receive them. Remember: “We must not sit down and wait for miracles. Up, and be going!” – John Eliot, 17th C. British missionary.

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