What to Do When Removing Stumps With an Excavator

You will have to remove the melbourne stump removal from large trees that you have cut. You will find that this is not an easy job if you do not have the equipment to do the job. A pick and a shovel might not be be enough to help you to remove the stumps. In this case, you will find that a backhoe or an excavator will be very useful for you when removing stumps. You will get the easiness when doing the job. The following are some things you should pay attention for your safety.

First, you should position the excavator that you have near the stump that you want to remove. But, you have to make sure that you are not too close with the stump since you will need to dig a trench around it as the perimeter. In this case, you should dig the trench some feet away from the edge of the stump. You will need to dig the trench further if you have big stump with more extensive rot system. When you are able to dig more roots away from the stump, you will get the easiness to pull the stump.

Second, after making the trench around the stump, you should try to move it with the excavator that you have. To do this, you should brace the bucket of the excavator against the stump. After that you should push or hook the edge of the bucket beneath exposed stump. With this, you will be able to pry or lift the stump loose. In some cases, a stubborn or a big stump may not be easy at first.

Then, you should continue digging the land around the stump until you notice the stump looses. In this process, you should make use the excavator bucket to cut any roots that get in the way.

After that, you should hook the edge of the bucket of the excavator under the stump. With this, you will be able to lift the bucket of the excavator and scoop the stump out of the hole. Finally, you should bring the stump that you have removed away. Or, you can use the excavator to dig a big hole for burying the stump that you have removed. And of course, you will use this equipment to refill the hole that you have made with soil.

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