When You Need a Miracle – A Transformation of Fear to Faith

Miracles are events or outcomes that seemed to be impossible before they happened. What situation in your life requires a a course in miracles to transform it? When we believe we need a miracle we usually feel like our back is against the proverbial wall… when it seems there’s no where left to turn. How did we get to this point; how do we find our miracle?

Miracles happen far more frequently than we imagine. It doesn’t matter so much what you are looking at as how you see it; what you consider a miracle is an expected outcome to another. When you feel like your back is against the wall and there’s no way out, it’s a good time to be still and recognize that there probably is a way out, but you can’t see it clearly.

Take a moment to become still and quiet your mind so your soul can speak to you.

Review the steps that led you to the wall. You’re actually searching for the point in time when fear began lurking in the background. It may begin with something like the loss of income that caused a really hard time, followed by an impossible search to replace the income, followed by losing your home, multiple moves and suddenly you find yourself living in poverty. Somewhere between the impossible search and the multiple moves, fear became a companion along the way. When you accept his friendship, poverty becomes crushing poverty and you are caught firmly in his grip. Every decision from that point forward was a fear based choice.

Whether it is a loss of income, loss of a relationship or anything that is important to you, a succession of failed attempts is what causes you to believe you need a miracle; when the situation feels hopeless. Hopelessness begins when you are attached to an outcome that you believe is impossible to achieve. Many times it becomes so much a part of you that it is a companion in your comfort zone. This perception is firmly in place when you no longer expect a better tomorrow; accepting that your life has become a succession of hard times and more misery than you ever thought you would be comfortable with. You begin to accept defeat in your life.

Look closely at the outcome you have been hoping to achieve. Is it possible that there is an even better outcome? If you’re searching for a miracle, don’t limit it to simply getting away from the wall you are backed up against. Set your sights on a goal that truly delivers you out of the situation and to an outcome that really is a miracle. Loosen the ties that bind your subconscious mind to an outcome by saying, “This or something better.” Now you have freed the immense power of your subconscious mind to soar as it searches for the best possible conclusion. Let go of the idea that the only solution you thought was possible is the best option available.

If you have cried a lot of tears on the path that led you to this point, consider them as watering the seeds of your future happiness as you search for clarity and resolution to the situation. Take the time to look at every action that you thought was a failure and be thankful for any lessons you learned on the way. Your conscious and subconscious mind responds to gratitude. Your physical body responds to positive emotions. Your DNA is actually altered by the infusion of positive thoughts and words. If you want to see your miracle, you need to rivet your attention to finding the good in every attempt you made.

Review every perceived failure in the situation and find something positive to say about it. You have been looking at the pain in it for a long, long time. No need to stare at that any longer. You remember it well.

It’s a new day. Where once fear held you in its grasp and crushed your potential to achieve a good result, it now ignites the flame that propels you forward. How? The action of altering your perception and finding something good to take from everything that failed transformed this monster into your launch pad to succeed.

Fear is probably the most powerful boogey man in your life. He is also an illusion; his power and control are all created in your own mind. The more attached you are to the outcome, the more power he has; and isn’t it odd; he’s a myth, your myth. You are his creator and you, and you alone, hold the power to reshape or release fear from controlling any part of your life.

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